IITI DRISHTI CPS Foundation is a Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) hosted at IIT Indore. It is incorporated as a section 8 company supported by the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber Physical Systems (NM-ICPS), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, with a focus on System Simulation, Modelling & Visualisation.

A One Stop Technology Solution Development Platform for Practical Applications of Cyber Physical Systems

Technology Development Programme

Outreach to relevant Researchers across Academic Institutions of India

Shortlisting and onboarding via Presentation to Panel of Experts

Access to Technical Resources and Experts apart from Fellowship, Development Grant and IPR filing support

Support for Technology Transfer or Startup Support for Commercialization of Technology

Featured Technologies Development Projects
Technology Business Incubation

Outreach to startup founders and entrepreneurs across the nation

Shortlisting and onboarding via presentations to a panel of experts

Access to funding, technical resources, business mentoring and IPR filing support.

Follow-on funding support for mature startups

Featured Startups

IITI DRISHTI CPS Foundation Works Towards Not Only Development but Successful Adoption of All its Technologies by an End User

End User Connect Programme

Problem are gathered from industry partners. Ideally manufacturing Industries in the process of adopting digitization

Outreach to relevant researchers across academic institutions of India

Shortlisting & Onboarding of Relevant Researchers for Development of Technology as per problem statement

Connect with technical and industrial experts and pilot with Industry Partner followed by Technology Transfer

Our Skill Development Programme is Designed in Conjunction with Industry Partners to Provide Professionals with real-time knowledge for Industrial Operations Across Various Roles.

Skill Development Programme

Final Year Pre-Placement Training

Industrial Onboarding training

Upskilling and Reskilling Programmes

Manager Training Programmes

Come Be a Part of the Affiliate Program to Connect with Like Minded People from Techno-Commercial Roles across Industry and Academia.

More than 150 members and increasing ! !

Learning Interaction among Peer Group

Conference Support Scheme

Discounted Skill Development Program Access

Platform to showcase Work and Network