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The Successful Adoption of Any Technology by an End-User is Important for IITI DRISHTI CPS Foundation

With this philosophy in mind, IITI DRISHTI CPS Foundation is associating end users in its schemes from the very beginning. Industry, Public Sector Units, Government Organizations, Line Ministries and City Administration are few of the many end users for IITI DRISHTI CPS Foundation.

End users bring rich experience, diverse scenarios and practical problems to the discussion table. All of these are valuable inputs for the learning process, potential solutions and subsequent refinement in the development of a pragmatic and implementable technology solution.

  • Large Scale Industries
  • MSMEs
  • Public Sector Units (PSUs)
  • Government Organizations
  • Line Ministries
  • State Government Departments
  • City Administration
  • Startup companies
  • NGOs
  • Get access to available technologies for licensing and commercialization
  • Connect with experts
  • Access to trained human resources
  • Get solutions for pressing problems
  • Skill enhancement of your human resources
  • Effective utilization of your CSR fund
  • Closely work with our evolving eco-system of technology development and commercialization
  • Support the national mission, and many more…
  1. Provide your problem description or technology requirement

As part of the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-physical Systems, IIT Indore (through IITI DRISHTI CPS Foundation) is leading efforts towards technology development in the direction of system simulation, modelling and visualization aspects of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). In this context, IITI DRISHTI CPS Foundation is reaching out to various industries to seek CPS related problem statements which could be taken up by undergraduate students for possible solutions. The goal of this exercise is to encourage UG/PG/PhD students/ Faculty members/Researchers for technology development and prototype demonstration under its various schemes such as fellowships and technology development

Accordingly, IIT Indore is inviting End Users to be a part of this initiative of IITI DRISHTI CPS Foundation. In this regard, it is seeking the problem statement from esteemed organizations in the following format:

  • Title of the project
  • Brief description (max 500 words)
  • Possible timeline (in months)

The problem description should be generic and should not contain any copyright data/details. Students/faculty members/researchers/startups who propose solutions related to these problems may be engaged in detailed discussions before finalizing the project. The respective industry representatives will also be part of these discussions.

Please share the above information via email at oeup.drishticps[at] Such problems statements will be listed on the website of IITI DRISHTI CPS Foundation for students/faculty members/startups.

Based on responses received, few teams/students/faculty members would be selected through a rigorous evaluation process. We hope this initiative would help to bridge the gap between the industry and the academia in the domain of cyber physical systems.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) between the selected teams and the participating industry may need to be signed before the commencement of the project. IITI DRISHTI CPS Foundation would encourage ideas with potential for patenting. If there is an opportunity to file an IPR in any of the projects supported by industry, the same will be discussed with all parties. All possible options to file the patent will be explored and a mutually agreeable IPR agreement would be drawn up and signed.

IITI DRISHTI CPS Foundation encourages participating industries to provide financial as well as technical support to the selected teams working on their respective problem statements. The modalities of the same can be worked out before the execution of the project.

All queries can be addressed to oeup.drishticps[at]

Click here to explore already available problem statements.

2. Extend support to our various initiatives through CSR

IITI DRISHTI CPS Foundation is eligible to receive funds under CSR initiatives of industries. We utilize such funds to support students, faculty members for research and development, establish R&D facilities, establish CPS bases at various locations in the country to disseminate the advantages of CPS technologies to society, etc. Please contact us at: projectdirector.drishti[at] for more detail and contributing to IITI DRISHTI CPS Foundation through CSR.

3.  Share your skilling/knowledge upgradation requirement and get customized solutions through our expert members

Please visit our skill development page (click here)

4. Participate in our skill/short term courses

Please visit our skill development page (click here)

5. Establish your R&D center within IITI DRISHTI CPS Foundation

details to be updated soon.

6. Explore our available IPR/technologies/products for commercialization

details to be uploaded soon on our outcome tab

7. Any other

We are open to exploring any other options to connect with End Users. Please write to us at: oeup.drishticps[at]

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