#1 Kayashtya Digital Technical Innovations Private Limited

Kayashtya Digital Technical Innovations is developing MoCult 1.0, a satellite-based software and mobile app for monitoring agricultural farms using satellite image data modelling. The app gathers data from Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-5 satellites and does predictive modelling for crop yield, quality, damage, CO2 emission, and land degradation report over time. It provides farmers with insights and notifications for quality cultivation, as well as indicating field quality. This solution offers smart and quality agriculture management, enabling farmers to make informed decisions to increase productivity and reduce costs.

This affordable hardware independent solution provides farmers and related stakeholders with the capability to monitor farm lands effectively by generating valuable insights on crop parameters for quality cultivation.

#2 Arficus Private Limited

Medhini is a highly advanced AI-based SaaS Medical platform that has reduced disease diagnosis time to 53 seconds. It diagnoses over 53 highly infectious diseases, cancers, and chronic diseases with a 99.3% accuracy level. Medhini emphasizes improving the efficiency of radiologists & pathologists, Reducing Multiple tests, Reducing Diagnosing time & cost, and disease Prognosis with four verticals:-MedhX Symptom Checker, MedhX Clinical Diagnosing, MedhX Health Future Prediction Mapping, MedhX New Drug Discovery & Support. This diagnostic tool which accelerates and digitalizes the diagnostic experience through its advanced technology and accurate results paves the way for identifying health criticalities and patient future health mapping.

#3 MLworkX

MLworkX offers a cloud-based electronics manufacturing platform called Manutracx. This platform provides a one-stop solution for organizations to develop, prototype, and mass-produce their products from the ideation phase to the mass-production phase. With Manutracx, businesses can simplify the electronics manufacturing process and make their market journey faster and cheaper. The platform offers a range of features, such as design validation, supply chain management, quality control, and logistics, making it easy for companies to get their products manufactured and delivered to customers. The online platform integrates the manufacturing activities and the supply chain thereby offering an organized one-stop solution for MSMEs and encouraging the development of IoT-enabled manufacturing units

#4 A2P Energy Solutions Private Limited

A2P aims to solve the issue of paddy straw burning by creating sustainable projects that convert farm-generated straw into useful products like Energy and Soil Conditioners. Their product, A2P ENERGY, offers an end-to-end business solution that connects all stakeholders in the supply chain, including access to a carbon portal. The platform utilizes Google’s satellite data to collect data and identify the total available raw material in the form of biomass. A2P ENERGY’s focus on technology, green energy, and supply chain management offers a comprehensive solution for a major environmental problem. By developing this AI based model, it has integrated the stakeholders in the biomass supply chain ensuring a transparent pricing for farmers and a consistent supply and assured quality of biomass for biofuel manufacturers.